This team has embodied leadership, technological prowess, and a forward approach in the Web3 space. Aniket’s role as the guardian of integrity within the organization is a testament to creating a safe, secure, and reliable digital space for users to leverage the true potential of generative AI and blockchain tech. His role as the administrator of ORANGverse helps us harness the thriving position in the Web3 ecosystem. While Aryan plays a crucial role in the ORANG ecosystem, bringing a unique blend of brand relations to the narrative. Rishabh’s involvement with ORANG spans the strategic management of crypto market trends and insights, leveraging his deep understanding of blockchain technology and digital currencies to navigate and exploit the complexities of the crypto world, providing a critical edge in the volatile and competitive realm of crypto. All this works in a symphony of growth under the strategic guidance of Suranjan, who has been an active geek among the Web3 communities. With rapid exposure to some of the considerable preneurs in the past, the OG team is here to set the labels of quality mechanisms in the Web3 space.

Aniket Mishra

Founder, CEO


CO-Founder, COO

Aryan Ghosh

HOD, Brand Relations

Suranjan Singha

HOD, Growth

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